Wedding Wagon is a plethora of stationery, gifts, invites and digital products that are all about you and your special day, through every detail. We personalize all our products to make sure your wedding is as memorable as it should be. We, along with our community of artists share a deep love for design. We wish to be your companion as you go about planning one of most important events of your life and ensure every little detail expresses your personality and makes a statement. We understand the scale and significance of what this day means to you. After all,

Your Wedding is Our Passion

Our Purpose

Our experience in working with top Influencers and designers has led us to believe that great design is in the hands of independent artists. With Wedding Wagon our purpose is to help savvy customers like you gain access to a large community of these talented designers who can help you unfold your wedding ideas like you never thought possible.  

Community Impact  

When you choose to work with us, you also choose to empower independent artists who follow their passion and do what they love. We believe, a world full of people who love what they do will be a far happier one. 

By letting us be a part of your special day, you will make this world a happier place one small step at a time! 


Lots of Love, 

- Team Wedding Wagon